Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why did I marry the guy I married?

because it was God's wish..............................................
So when people hear I am a Malu and he is a Tam the next question immediately is "Oh! so love marriage", Well, how do I answer this question without giving a detailed explanation as to --No, it was not our parents who met first as in typical traditional weddings but we who decided to get married and No, not becuase we fell in love at first sight or we were the most compatible people together but for the simple fact that I was 27 years, wanted to get settled and he was a good friend who helped and ofcourse God's wish..I tell you how...

So I first set eyes on him on 8th Sept 2004 and when someone introduced him as , "This is the guy the whole company resides on, no he was not the CEO, just a DBA", I was thinkin in my mind, Who this lanky looking thin guy, Really!!!"
Well, after we sort of decided to get married after his parents said Yes, we decided to go together for a trip to Niagara.
He flew to NY and I had booked a 2 day Niagara tour on one of the very famous Chinki buses. So this was our fist official date. Now I knew we were poles apart. If I was North he was South but still I thought I could live with him.

So the 1st day of the trip we sit in the bus, it is an 8 hr drive to Niagara with a mid-way stop to Corning Glass factory. When we were in college we friends used to always tell, that we did not care about looks in a guy, all we wanted was someone who could talk well, now my guy hardly opened his mouth, No no he was not tongue-tied, just that is his nature, so the bus sped away and here we were sititng silently, after all the huge expectations that I had from my first date, this was a major disaapointment.
Infact it was so bad that I started speaking to myself after I got bored looking at the sights outside. Speaking to myself also involves speaking to God and I was asking him, Really, this guy, will I be happy?, will I be able to go through this, now I couldnt even reject the only 1 guy who was ready to marry me, else would have to start the searching process all over again..Now by this time we had reached our first destination (Corning Glass Factory), So they asked us to take a tour of the factory and then finally there was a demonstration at the end of which they would give a prize. Tickets were given to us as we left the bus.

As we entered the hall where the final demo was to be held I was telling God, ek ishara de dedho(yup, Dil to pagal hai types)jise mein samajh jau yehi mera zindagi hain...Now God just cannot scream and tell his wish(not practical na)so I normally think of something to help him help me, like this time I said, if you want me to marry him, we should win the prize, now the hall had about 500 people. After I made my bargaining with God, I asked G to give me his ticket as the attender was collecting everthing in a bowl for the lucky draw and whoa! G did not even know they were handing out tickets, so I asked our bus host if he had more tickets and he gave us the last one he had.
And when they called out the winning ticket number who should win it but G, yes his ticket was the winning one and he asked me to go and get the prize(a flower vase) from the stage. I still have pictures with me.
Well I just looked up and thanked God, if that was his wish who was I not to follow...............


Vincy said...

Interesting read Seema. I bargain with God too, knowing fully well, The big G and I are not on a level playing field.. none of us are for that matter.

But its so wonderful how the Big Guy answers people who are stupid enough as us, to instill in us the faith of Supreme Power.

All the very best to you both the mal and the tam. In a way I am both - a mal brought up in Chennai so I am a Tam.. :-) :-)

Ninha said...

My biggest wish is one day may they accept me as well :( :(