Monday, July 18, 2011

Lazyyyyyy Week-end

Fri was working from home due to the thunders and lightining, so it was a very rest ful day, took a nap from 12-1, had lunch and logged off from work PC by 4. evening went to pick baby at day-care, went to Costco, Indian store and cooking puri-chole at night, pretty much day is done. Put baby to sleep at 9:30pm and lo! slept with him, woke up at 9:15 am :)

Sat after a breakfast of chai and bread(hubby not well this week), in-laws came over webcam, after chatting made lunch, feb baby with lunch, put him to sleep and also slept from 2 -5. woke up and went to Water Ski show, back by 8:30--some other cousins came over web-cam, made ragi dosa, had dinner and slept.

Sun morn woke up by 8, again breakfast of bread and chai, played with baby, read some books, evening had to attend a bday party, so went to mall at 5 to get a gift, attended party, cake + dinner, back hoem, back to bed.
What a nice and relaxign week-end indeed!

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