Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alphabetically Mine

Taken as a tag from Nancy's Post here

Appam and Potato Stew is what I made for Dinner last night(after a long time)

Bowling -we went this week-end. Ritvik enjoyed, later, he even danced on one of the songs.

Cakes is what I have to cook for the brunch on the 22nd Saturday. Thinking of getting creative and making cupcakes with icing(thoughts still in progress)

Dis tag got stuck with 5 alphabets to go, cant get anything in my head for them.

Exercise routine is to walk in the party-hall for half-hr.

Fairies--if they were true, it would be so beautiful to see them.

Got complimented today that I am looking good and have lost weight(Irony coz my jeans have become tight)

Husbands in Goa is the latest Malu flick I watched. Quite fun!

I googled yesterday to find if the World will really end on Dec21st 2012.

Jhatkas and matkas are of interest these days, I wish i could dance all day long

Karela curry with cocnut milk is today's dinner receipe. Let's see how it turns out.

Lazy to go to the gym.

My first view of the snow for this year happened 2 years back and it is still as beautiful as the first time.

Need to go for a holiday to some other country maybe Puerto Rico

O ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo as I have nothing for ooooooooooooo

Planning whether we should have a 2nd baby now or wait for another 6 months.

Quilling is my new hobby and Yes, I learnt it for the chart decoration I did. Should post those pictures here.

Ritvik is getting independent day by day. Does most of his stuff himself.

Sister-in-law's parents are coming here in another 10 days.

The new Canon SLR camera we got is in the box.

Uska muhurat abhi aaya nahin.

V are still waiting when hubby dear will make use of it and click some of our good pictures.

Waiting for my parcel of dresses to come from India. I hope I get everything that my parents got.

X'mas will soon be here and we will have some holidays.

Y this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Zis is the end to the tag.

P.s: Will try to add pictures later.


Reflections said...

New SLR camera still unpacked;-o

My last mallu movie was 'Ordinary' and tht too 2 months back. I want to watch the latest Dilip movie[where the heroine is his boss]...supposed to be good;-D

Appam & chicken-potato stew is our staple Christmas breakfast;-D

Put up the pictures of the quilling u've done;-).

10 on 10 for completing the tag;-D

Horizon said...

Thanks Nancy for the lovely comment. Have not watched movie 'Ordinary' yet. Started watching malu movies after a long break.