Sunday, December 16, 2012

The (Secret) Wishlist Wednesdays Writing Prompt

My favorite person in the blog world has started this writing prompt 'Wishlist Wednesdays' for her fourth book release 'The Secret WishList' (banner attached below).

Go to her blog here to know more.

The creative prompt for today is

The three things I badly wish I could have are..................................

1) The patience to take things to completion. The willpower to complete things. Basically my problem is that I am very enthusiastic to start things , I have many ideas in my mind and I even start them with confidence but as time passes I loose the enthusiasm to work on them. So I badly want the willpower to take things to a logical conclusion.

2) To be happy for others from the start. So basically when someone gets a new home(Something that I could afford but did not think about) then my initial reaction is Why,not me? but later on I accept it and am happy for them. Or else if a neighbour did not invite me for their babyshower/birthday, again Why, not me? but later I can accept that it's okay. I wish badly that I do not get those thoughtas initially itself but be happy for others.

3) To show love and affection unashamedly to all my near , dear ones and friends.
Again , I want to do so much which is all in my mind but do not come out in a timely manner and then that moment passes and they never know how much I truly care.

I think I am getting old, no materialistic things at all but I believe this is what will make me happy.

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