Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year That Was - 2012

Me and Ritvik had just returned form a month and half vacation from India to welcome the New year. Back to work and day-care routine. Had guests for dinner almost every other week-end of Jan and Feb.
The one thing I am really grateful this year is that we never visited the doctor for Ritvik. "Touchwood", no ear-pains. He did have the cold 2 times but nothing major.
For that matter, me , Gopi and MIL got strep infection and I had the cough for a long time, still coughing now.
March we had BIL,SIL coming to stay with us. Suddenly my privacy was invaded and it is not something I liked. I will have to re-think about staying in a joint family. We did move to a 2 BHK again this year.
May onwards summer started and we had lot of outings with friends, infact so much that my blogging took a break. We went camping, water-parks,beaches,water-tubing,volleyball matches(which our boys won),fall colors. We also started playing cards regularlyon the week-ends.
Oct-Nov was Diwali and Ritzu's bday celebrations and finally we come to December.
It has been a great year with friends.

Let's see what the next year has in store!.

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