Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wishlist Wednesdays 3

Here we are with the 3rd post for Wishlist Wednesdays. For more details visit Preeti's blog here

The writing prompt for today is
The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is................. 

And my answer is The Patience To Listen.

We always interact with people and we always talk, no one cares for listening. I have seen so many instances in a group of friends that when one person is addressing the whole group--2 or 3 ppl will start talking among themselves. Even when 2 friends are talking and if the other person is distracted for some reason (like pacify a crying child or attend a phone call), they just forget what they were talking about and do not bother to pick the conversation from there, maybe the other person was telling something that was bothering him/her.

Basically we as individuals do not have the patience to let the other person to complete talking, we want to butt in and contradict or point our views immediately.

So the one thing I wish that everyone would listen, understand and talk after the other person completes.

"Only when you lisen will you be heard"

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