Saturday, June 15, 2013

55 Story - Blog Marathon 4

I dwindled my thumbs as I waited for his arrival. The Arrival board indicated the flight had landed. My eyes kept glancing to the terminal gates. It would take time as his was an International flight. It was 6 months since I had left him, even though I knew he needed me the most. He is the true love of my life, yet I left him to get a much needed break. Would he re-acknowledge me back in his life immediately or would we have to work it over time. As these thoughts circled in my head he walked out, our eyes met, his stared back blankly, my heart ached, we drove home silently. Back home I once again looked him in the eye with outstreached arms. “Amma”, he said gleefully and jumped in them. Tears of joy rolled down.


Note: True story of when my son returned from India after his 6 month stay with grand-parents. I left him when he was a year old.

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