Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Congratulations...You won the gift card - Blog Marathon 7

This is an old one from last year(2011) but as this place notes down everything, something to brighten up my day.
So the new management of the apartment we live in have started this monthly newsletter, where in they give a puzzle for us to complete and submit by a certain date.

Once that is done they will draw a random winner from the correct entries.
Also this month they had a ping-pong competition for which we were supposed to give in our names.
So being the (interested in games) household that we are we submitted the puzzle in baby's name and me and hubby both gave in our names for the ping-ping tournament.
LAst Friday we got a paper message at the door which said-- Congratulations --You have won the gift card for the puzzle.
So from all the correct entires it was my baby who won. muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
And then 2 days later we also realized that me and hubby won the ping-pong as well(reason being we were the only entries..wink wink)..still muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Loving this month.


Vincy said...

Congratualtions Seema!! thats a -hat-trick this month :-)

Horizon said...

Thanks Vincy. It was fun!