Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rain Song - Blog Marathon 1

Today morning it was raining heavily. After brushing me and R were siting on the sofa looking at the rain and I was thinking of making up some rain song for him to listen and drink his milk. I told him I am going to sing a rain song and suddenly he says, No Stop-I'll sing and he started singing this made up song with actions.

"Kutti kutti kutti mazha vardhu"
"Lightining vardhu, thunder varudhu"
"Nariye clouds dash panite break aayidh"
"Apram adhan sun varudh"

Little drops of rain are falling
Lightining coming, thunder coming
Lots of clouds are dashing and breaking
and then sun is coming out shining.

I am so impressed with his song, he made it on the spot and a proud mommy is still humming the tune.

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