Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday's Post

Why did I miss Saturday's post?
Sitting in front of a laptop on week-ends has always been a hard task for me.
I made lunch comprising of mutton curry and mutton fry and promptly clicked photos thinking I wood do a food blog for the day.
Noon I happened to sleep till 6 and then forgot about the post. Went for walking but unfortunately there was a party in the party hall and so returned after half hour. Now this was the time to write my post but I started watching a Malu movie: "Mumbai Police"

Night had dinner at a friend's place and came back and again  started watching the  movie.
By the time I was done it was 12:30 and when I crashed in bed was when I realized that I had not done a post for the day, but it was already the next day and I could not get the day back.

About the movie, sadly to say that Malayalam films have lost their 80-90's charm where each cinema was a visual and complete treat to watch. Nowadays it is very few movies that catches ones interest and this is definitely one of them, a suspense thriller always keeping you guessing and an ending you would never expect.

Go watch it if you have not yet done so...............

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