Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The day I lost my passport

This incident took place with me on Aug 2nd 2008. G was in US and I had also landed a project in Wisconsin. I was to fly on 3rd early morning from Mumbai. At that time we were staying in a small rented apt in Kandivali, my parents came with my luggage packed from Pune. Till evening I was at office collecting my tickets/forex and tons of other documents. I returned by rick at 8pm. It was raining and I just gathered all my docs/papers/plastic bag , paid the rick driver and rushed home.

It was at this point that I dropped my passport at the building entrance, the watchman picked it up and not knowing whose it was he passed it to some girls who were returning home. One of them took the passport with her and went home(Borivali) whereas the other stayed in our building and was going to meet her after sometime.

I, oblivious to all this had dinner with my parents and went for some last minute shopping to the nearby supermarket.

Doors were open and luggage was kept outside, now it so happened that this girl was going out and when she saw the huge suitcase she asked my cousin who was at home if were were travelling and we had lost our passport. He immediately called me and asked if I had my passport. I was still at the supermarket and told him I'll come home and check.
When I came home and checked all my bags, my passport was no where to be found. Thankfully by that time we knew it was with this girl who had left after giving her phone number, so we called her and she said she was out and would return only by midnight, she did mention that the passport was at her friend's place in Borivali. We took her friend's contact no and called her home, her parents informed us that they indeed had the passport and gave directions to reach home.

Immediately Dad and I took a rick and went to Borivali , their whole family was standing by the roadside, I just took my passport, gave a lot of Thanks and returned home by the same rick.
I had called G before leaving and he was tensed and angry and nervous.

As for me I was pretty cool throughout the whole incident, even if I would have lost my passport I would have applied for new (what else to do), no use crying or getting tensed over what already happened.

Anyway due to God's blessings I managed to get my passport on time, in  2 hrs I reached Mumbai airport to board my flight to US.


soulsearchingdays said...

Phew !! that was really tense, I can understand what you must have gone through but remaining cool amidst all the tension is definitely a quality...

take care

Preethi Venugopal said...

Quite a terrifying prospect losing one's passport is. Lucky you found it at the right time.

Good that you were able to remain cool throughout...

Happy New year Seema..

Anonymous said...

Good that you found it on time!!