Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week-end Re-capture

For a long time I wanted to make mutton fry but never bothered because I cannot dry grind in my blender.
This time while travelling back from India we got a mixie and now I can dry grind any ingredients that I need.
So this Saturday I decided to make my normal mutton curry and mutton fry.
Morning hubby had to go for Kick Boxing and so he made Poha for all of us.

I had taken pictures of the food but cannot find the memory card anywhere. For night I had dinner at a friend's place.

Next day being Sunday I made puttu for breakfast and lunch we had left-overs from the day before.
I went boot shopping for 2 hours and finally managed to get a brown boots for myself.
The other normal 3 yr old shoes that I had was pretty bad to walk over ice. I kept slipping all the time and had to get new ones.

Also got shorts for hubby and a shirt for R(which he wore immediately when I returned home)

Then evening I cleaned the kitchen counter, feels great to see a cleaned house but sadly ours does not stay like that for long as it gets messed up with toys, books and other stuff.

I wanted to get a hair-cut but the lady whom I wanted to get it done from was not available on Sunday and so I will have to go on Monday to get that done.

Saturday after a long time I slept for 3 hrs in the noon and also saw a Malu movie - "Mumbai Police"

How was your week-end?

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