Monday, January 06, 2014

India Vacation Week 2

Dec (4th - 10th) 2013: For week 1 go here:

So after hardly sleeping a wink we got out of bed by 6 am, got ready, had breakfast and walked to the US Consulate. Our appt was at 9:30 am, we reached there by 8:45 am. There was a huge crowd waiting outside near the bus stop. G asked a guard waiting nearby and he said there were separate lines for each time slot. We waited in our 9:30 slot. By around 9:20 we were send inside, after the checking process we went in the Consulate building where we were given a token number. We took a seat in the waiting area and waited anxiously for our number to be displayed. Within 7-8 mins our no was displayed and we went to the counter. The officer there looked like a nice guy, he took our passports and then asked me questions followed by G and then the golden words "Our visa was issued"..that is when he heaved a sigh of relief and walked out of there.

We walked back to the hotel, took our luggage and went to Satyam cinemas to watch a tamil movie, by 2:30 we got in the cab and reached railway station and got in our train to return back to Cbe. We reached by night 11:30pm.

Dec 5th: We got up late and were having a late breakfast when we got a message that our passports were delivered. We immediately went to collect them. In the evening we went to a Ayyappa temple, since it was very crowded and no parking area G dropped me and R a little close to the temple and asked us to wait at the entrance. I did not hear him and waited at the spot he left us. After about 20 mins also there was no trace of him, I do not carry a cell phone, nor did I have any cash,  I was thinking how I will get back home if he does not turn up etc when after waiting for half hr G showed up asking us why we were not waiting at the temple entrance, a short argument followed after which we went to the temple for darshan. While returning we had dinner at a Chettinad restaurant(prawns fry/veg rice/parota/mutton curry)

Dec 6th: One of the cousins gave birth to a baby girl and we went to see her at the hospital. Night we all cousins went to see the movie Arambham(not good at all)

Dec 7th: We were invited to a cousin's place for lunch. They had prepared chicken biryani/deer meat/rice/rasam/fish fry. Before reaching their place we stopped at their shop and R gor one pair of Angry bird slippers and 1 Ben 10 bag.
Night was too full to eat anything, but had to go to another aunt's place for dinner.
Was too stuffed by bedtime.

Dec 8th: Packed our bags for our train trip to Pune.

Dec 9th: Went to Cbe station in the morning at 8:45 for our train, R was very excited to get in the train but after travelling about an hr he kept asking"When will we reach Pune" again and again and this went on for the whole journey. Noon mom had packed tomato rice , then we went to sleep for some time. Evening @Bangalore a 1 yr old kid got in with her parents, after that R got some company to play with till we all had dinner of lemon rice and slept off.

Next up is the adventures @Pune. Stay tuned.

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